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True Thoughts From a Poet's Heart


This collection of poetry is built on deep thoughts concerning myself, the things I have gone through in my life and the ideas and thoughts of others through many conversations. Having dealt with some hard situations like death, lost love and lost friendships, along with rekindling friendships and coming to a good sense of self, I have come to the conclusion that writing these thoughts down would be beyond therapeutic, it would become the total voice of me when I just don't want to be audible,if that makes any sense. I want to be able to say the things I want to say without interruption, without anyone trying to tell me what I should say or trying to change the meaning of what I am saying. These words are coming straight the mind of my heart, which runs deep. I am hoping you enjoy what I have put together for you. I hope my words paints a vivid picture, in your mind, at to what I was feeling at the time of writing these poems. not only did I decide to share this for your enjoyment, but, I shared this with you all in hopes it would awaken your senses and get you to be creative to voice your heart's words and make it know to everyone that YOUR VOICE MATTERS! Just as mine does..